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10/7/2013  |  Todd P. (FL)
I think the overall package is exceptional and I am happy with the purchase and the ultimate results from the sales rep and installer.
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10/2/2013  |  Theresa B. (FL)
I cannot say enough about this system. It is fabulous. My skin and my hair are amazing. I have no itching issues anymore. My hair is shiny and thick. Our clothes are much cleaner with this system; the difference is remarkable. Our dishes and countertops come clean with just a wet paper towel. It is just amazing. We dilute everything we have with this water which makeks it last twice as long. We fill up our own water bottles with water - it tastes great! Our salesperson was Barsie Bederian and he is fabulous! He knows so many tricks to what this water can do he should write a book. He was great the entire way through the installation and we still talk to him to this day and everytime, he gives me a new trick to utilize the water for. Also, I understand that Embassy Suites have these systems in their hotels and I now will only stay at them. Nothing worse than going away and being somewhere that DOESN'T have a Rainsoft system. What an immediately noticable difference. It is the best investment we ever made for our house.
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5/9/2013  |  Stephen C. (FL)
I had purchased and used this Rainsoft unit for approximately 6 years before moving to Florida. I uninstalled it and brought it to Florida with me. Last year we bought a new house and a couple months ago I decided it was time install it and see if it still worked. After plumbing it in and hooking it up, I tried out the unit. The motor didn't seem to be working...and our water pressure dropped immediately. I found a lot of resin at one of the sinks. Not knowing much about softeners I contacted my "local" dealer and scheduled a service call. What a nightmare....they really didn't even want to look at it...just wanted me to get rid of it and buy a new one. I started making calls and sending emails to dealers in Florida, Illinois and Missouri. I was contacted by Joel Brow and after telling him what was going on...he suggested getting the valve to him and doing basically a PM service on the valve and replacing seals, etc. for what I thought was an amazingly fair price. I was ready to give up on Rainsoft until I spoke with Joel. I UPS'd the valve from Clearwater to Pompano Beach and Joel's team did their magic and said it was on it's way back and working fine.

When I got the valve back I hooked it back up and started a regeneration cycle. It stopped working during the cycle and I contacted Joel. His service and support was amazing. It was nothing they had done, but my lack of softener knowledge that caused more resin to get into the valve and snapping a shaft pin. He walked me through checking and cleaning everything out again, sent me new shaft pins and we got it up and going and it works perfectly.

I really appreciate an honest business person who provide great service and that is definitely Joel. He is now my "Water Guy" regardless of how many miles separate us.

Thanks for being a great representative of a great product.
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3/27/2013  |  John M. (FL)
I am the owner of Complete Commercial Repair
We sell service and install commercial and residential
equipment. Last year we install a new Cleveland
Steamers for Plantation General Hospital.
We have serviced them for twenty years
and finally talked them into adding a
Water Softener system to the new steamers.
We just completed there 1 year service,
and was completely blown a way by the boilers
internal cavity. There were hardly any mineral deposit
on the inside. The softening system has worked perfectly
keeping the boiler clean of minerals.
The Softener saves wear and tear on the equipment.
In the past, they were lucky to get
five years out of their boiler generator.
The build up of minerals was unbelievable
and the damage cost them plenty.
The best advice I can give after working
on this kind of equipment is if you don't use a
softener system it will cost thousands in repair bills.
Also a must for dishwashers, saving time and money
in delimeing. Joel Browl at Rainsoft does all our water treatment.
His knowledge of water and the different equipment
that is available for your needs is outstanding.
His installation team is top notch.
If you need any help, please call me at 954-562-1793.
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12/10/2012  |  Jose m. (FL)
I love my water. My wife didn't like it at first but now she tells everyone
How soft her whole body is with no more cream and lotions.
I like how it gets all the bad toxic stuff out of the water and is now safer for my children.
No more chlorine or other chemicals are needed for my household.
The shower is now so much fun with my wife, it is unbelievable how some Everything is now. We stay in until the water gets cold ;-) !!
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8/22/2012  |  Migdalia H. (FL)
We are very happy with the RainSoft system. I suffer from very dry skin due to my hypothyroidism condition and I have seen a real difference in the moisture levels of my skin. I still use moisturizers, but before it seemed that I was constantly applying them. Now I just to apply them once or twice day, more because I love the feel and smell of the lotion, rather than because my skin is dry. In addition to that, I was constantly suffering from hang nails. My cuticles are normal now. No more hangnails!

When I wash clothes and take them out of the dryer, they come out soft and less wrinkled, even though I don't use softeners.

It seems that I have to clean the shower stall and the bathroom less often because we're not getting that soapy film that used to form so quickly before. Plus, your skin feels very soft and moisturized when you get out of the shower.

The drinking water tastes delicious and the coffee and the beverages prepared with the water taste so much better.

The cleaning products are excellent. They are concentrated and a little goes a long way. You really don't have to use conditioner with the shampoo. It leaves my hair clean and I don't have to use any other products.

I can't say enough good things about this product. I will recommend it to all my freinds.
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